4 Easy Ways To Transition Your Decor From Summer To Autumn

4 Easy Ways To Transition Your Decor From Summer To Autumn


Is it just me or does Autumn always seem to come along really fast? Going from garden parties to pumpkin carving can seem a little unnatural but September gives us a small transitional period to prepare for the cooler months ahead. When it comes to your home, the Summer to Autumn period can be a struggle for those who love to decorate around the seasons but easing from one to the other is actually a lot easier than you think!

Similarly to how we adjust our wardrobes it's often layering and switching up colours (especially neutral colourways) to create warmth and a sense of cosiness. Simple things such as a chunky throw or an extra rug can make all the difference ..


Introducing textures is one of the easiest ways to transform a room. They add visual weight and will bring depth and dimension to your space. The key to incorporating texture through Autumn is a layer key pieces, Try not to overcrowd or overload with too many similar colours or elements. Try swapping out your cushion covers and introducing a chunky throw to drastically change the look to your sofa and surrounding living areas.

Using textured furnishings especially brings am incredible sense of warmth into the home. Why not try a textured blind fabric to dress your windows? Textured blinds add style and character to any window in the home and look fantastic all year round.

Our Beige Quilt has a lovely floral design in Autumn tones of red, yellow and green. Beautiful on a bed, lightweight enough for a sofa or draped on a chair. Contrast with stripes, spots or plain quilts and cushions for a gorgeously maximalist vibe.


A creative way to merge the two seasons is by bringing a little of the outside, inside! Sunflowers are a great example; their vivid petals bring the summer cheer indoors whilst also introducing those iconic autumnal hues like ambers and browns. As Autumn arrives, opt for dried flowers for a rustic feel. Another way is to stock up your fruit bowl with some seasonal favourites for a stunning tablescape. Try grapes, apples, figs, pears and plums and as autumn draws nearer, toss in some pumpkins for that added true autumnal look.

Style your new stems in one of our beautiful vases or bowls. Shown below is our Ceramic Jar Vase.

Top Tip

Bringing nature indoors is brilliantly inexpensive. When you next take an evening stroll simply collect whatever branches, twigs and pinecones, you can find along the way. Throw these into a vase, bowl or dough bowl and you've got yourself a beautiful centrepiece. For a more luxurious look, spray your outdoor finds with shimmery/metallic paint and leave to dry.


Whilst bright whites are a firm favourite through the summer months they are also essential throughout Autumn in helping to balance the darker tones autumnal styling brings. Rich hues such as ambers and berries can be overwhelming and can appear flat without contrast. White walls especially serve as a stunning backdrop for darker autumnal elements whilst keeping the rooms bright and cheery with the last of the summer sun. It also brings with it a calming feel, so teaming a neutral colour palette complete with new textures and soft lighting helps to really set the tone for that warm and cosy autumnal feel.


Prepping your home for the cold is super important this time of year. Clearing out your fireplaces and stocking up on a little firewood is a good way to give yourself a head start.

Top Tip

This one is for you, candle lovers! Whether you like sweet, fruity or spicy, there's some incredible scents you can get your hands on that will take your autumnal aesthetic to the next level.

Scents within the home can change it's atmosphere instantly but it's choosing the right one for the season that can be tricky bit ('fresh linen' doesn't exactly scream Autumn). My recommendations are fig, sandalwood, sage, pomegranate, cinnamon, pumpkin, patchouli to name a few!

We now have 2 beautiful Autumnal Candles available instore.

- 'Rakuyo' Soy Candle. Take in the beauty of Autumn in Japan with this wonderfully rich and warming fragrance. Crisp Leaves, warming spices and fresh bergamot are accompanied by lavender and geranium on a base of red cedar and amber.

- 'Warm Flannel' Wickwood Dough Bowl Candle. With scents of bergamot, mahogany, musk and jasmine mixed with fresh citrus. These dough bowls make a great piece for coffee table and console styling both whilst burning the candle or afterwards filled with pinecones, berries, mini squashes/ pumpkins or artichokes. 


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I hope your all excited to get started on your Autumnal decor and make sure to tag us on our social media with your purchases.


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