FREE WELLBEING GIFTS on all orders over £40.

FREE WELLBEING GIFTS on all orders over £40.

Whilst stocks last we will be offering a FREE WELLBEING GIFT to your order when you shop online with us to say thankyou for all of your support over the last 18 months.

Orders over £40 will receive either a FREE coconut massage soap bar or a Cashmere Bath Milk worth £9.99

Cashmere Bath Milk >> handmade by us with 100% natural ingredients and will quickly become your must-have bath product! Bath milk is a great option for hydrating and exfoliating your skin, as well as treating inflammation. Our bath milk includes bath oil beads that contain Vitamin E and collagen, which are great for moisturizing and repairing skin. 
Ingredients: organic milk powder, baking soda, epsom salt, essential oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and bath oil beads. 

Coconut Massage Soap Bar >> A soft coconut scent combined with french clay for a luxuriously scented soap. Made with: an all vegetable soap base, shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil. 

Orders over £50 will receive a FREE TIL Serene Soy candle. Worth £14.99.

TIL | SIRENE SOY CANDLE ~ A cleansing palo santo, sea salt, ozone, and sage blend with grounding cedarwood and clove. With Top notes of Ozone, Sea Salt, middle notes of Palo Santo, Clove, Cypress, Sage and base notes of Cedarwood, Black Wood

Burn time: 40-48 hours.

Orders over £80 will receive a FREE Morning Notes Journal worth £19.99.

Morning Notes is a three-month undated daily wellbeing journal. This journal has been designed specifically for use in the morning, to help you start each day with a positive mindset and to encourage you to identify obstacles which you can utilise in a way that can benefit you. Each day is a fresh start and a new opportunity to create healthy habits. So instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake, take control of your day. Settle into your favourite spot and guide your focus towards what you’d like to achieve in a mindful and meaningful way.

Orders over £100 will receive a FREE Mind Notes Journal worth £24.99.

Mind Notes is a six-month undated daily wellbeing journal. This journal is designed to help you pinpoint thought and behaviour patterns, encourage the practice of gratitude and use weekly exercises to increase your sense of positive wellbeing for a more fulfilled life. Using different tools and techniques this journal will help you to rediscover what makes you tick and encourage you to do more of what makes you happy. Bring your focus back to you with the ultimate self gift for your mental wellbeing. Each week you will find:

Monday - Friday prompts with weekly review pages, Inspirational quotes, Colouring pages, Motivational exercises, Probing questions, Coaching techniques, Mindfulness techniques, Breathing exercises, Positive affirmations

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